18 February 2015

Tangential Quilt with Flying Geese!

Hi!  I'm trying to get back to a quilt that I started last fall during Stitched In Color's Angled class. Here are a few of the photos of flying geese in progress!  

Half geese in Kona solids
Full geese

Connected line of gradient geese!

Tangential Stars - Anna Maria Horner True Colors and Dowry
These elements and others will eventually be the Tangential quilt.  See Rachel's finished quilt below. Happy quilting everyone!  



  1. Origami and kaleidoscopic geometry - looking great!

  2. This is amazing and who but my wonderful daughter could perform such great detailed looks.

  3. How is your progress going? I just now started sewing my stars. All of the tutorials have been amazing, but I'm struggling for some reason with the background to work into the star.

    1. Hi Amanda! I hope you get this as I can't see how else to contact you. Huge apologies as I have been away in France since the beginning of June. I haven't progressed but need to pull this project back out. How are you doing on it? Thanks for your comment!


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