19 May 2013

Bloggers Quilt Festival Color Wheel Quilt!


It's time again for the Bloggers Quilt festival!  This year I'm entering 2 quilts - here is my Color Wheel quilt that I finished late last year.  I'm entering it in the "ROYGBIV" category. My Mendocino Doll Quilt (entered in the "2 color quilt" category) is here.  My incentive to finish this quilt was the arrival of my in-laws from France for a 3 week visit.  I wanted them to have a nice quilt on the wall of the guest room!  Click the button above to see hundreds of quilts on display in many cool categories!  

Pin basted and partially quilted

I made the quilt using the Color Wheel quilt pattern from Purl Soho and Joelle Hoverson from the book Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts.  

Orange and pink

I started with a Color Wheel Quilt bundle, also from Purl, but then I added a BUNCH of Denyse Schmidt as well as other designer fabrics that I love.  You only need a fat eighth of each fabric! (Purl also offers a color wheel bundle using Liberty prints - very decadent!)

Pink and purple

The hardest part is deciding which fabrics to use and in which ORDER!!  Laying them out on my flannel design wall helped a lot!

Greens and yellows

You put together the quilt in quadrants, and it's pretty simple to assemble.

Center quilting detail

After assembly, I marked the lines with a ruler and a hera marker.  I was surprised how easy it is to see the lines.  Straight line quilting went pretty fast! Instead of stitching in the ditch between the fabrics, I stitched just on the edge of each fabric.  It feels more sturdy to me when done that way.

The blue side

The white center and edges as well as the binding are made from Kona white.

In the garden

I made a sleeve for the back and used an old piece of baseboard trim I had in the garage to hang it on the guest room wall.  It's the perfect size for the room!

Greens and pinks

My mother in law loved it, my parents got to enjoy it on their stay, and a friend who stayed recently threatened to steal it!  : )

Some of the bright colors

Quilt stats:
Design: Joelle Hoverson - Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted gifts
Fabric: Color wheel quilt bundle from Purlsoho + stash
Quilted: Straight line quilting by me : )
Size: 56"/143cm square
Completed: November, 2012

In the guest room - want to come stay?  : )


  1. OOOH! that is really pretty. I never tire of that pattern. You did a great job. And phenomenal pictures.

  2. It's gorgeous! And yes I would love to come stay ; )

  3. Very impressive and I can see how challenging it would be to sort out all the colours into the right order!

  4. I've eyed that pattern for years! You did a beautiful job...

  5. Very pretty quilt. Looks like you did a great job here.

  6. This looks awesome! Did you use any specialty ruler?

  7. Love it!! It looks gorgeous on that wall.

  8. Wonderful quilt! I love color wheels and ones in fabric are the best! Even non-quilters can appreciate this one, so it's a great choice for your guest room.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

  9. It looks beautiful and bright. I love the photos you took in the sunlight. Great quilting job too.

  10. nicely done your photos were a tease then to see the whole quilt!! Wow

  11. Of course I would like to come and admire this wonderful quilt!!! :o))))

  12. Beautiful quilt! How lucky all your guests are to have it on the wall. I just finished my own color wheel quilt, now I just have to hang it up!

  13. Wao! This quilt is so beautiful. The thing attractive me a lot in this is that you made this so colorful by using good color scheme. Good work, keep it up.


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