12 April 2013

Tula Pink Salt Water Colorblocks Quilt!

My first queen-size quilt!!!  I saw the salt water line from Tula Pink and I knew I just had to make this great Colorblocks quilt that she posted free on her blog!  I love the blocks of color, and because it's SO modern, I knew that my husband would allow it on our bed!  So here is my first queen-size quilt!!  

It's also my first REAL endeavor into free-motion-quilting!  I decided to use wavy lines (like waves!) on the grid pattern, and then I added a sea weed pattern I made up on the edges.  On the corners, it needed something different, so I experimented with some "sea bubbles" which are really not as hard as I thought!

I recently took my first FMQ class from Lisa at Sew Modern in Los Angeles where I live.  She taught me how to do a bunch of different patterns and told me and my classmates just to jump in and not be scared!!  I did just that, and while there are MANY imperfections, you can't really notice them!

We went to the beach for a 50K bike ride Sunday and took the quilt along for a little photo shoot.  It was kind of a gray day at the beach, so the photos could be clearer. I have to give my husband credit as he took some of these!

The lifeguard station was a good backdrop!

Doing any kind of pattern from one end of a queen-size quilt to the other is a daunting task!  All the starting and stopping to move your hands is not easy.  I got better at it as I had a lot of practice!

A seagull wanted to see what was up!

Here's the entire quilt top - I used the Free Spirit solids to match that Tula recommended in the pattern.  I used all the Salt Water coral fabric scraps for the binding.

The hubby trying to hold it up in the wind!  Funny!

On the back I did a mirror image using only the solids from the front.  I love how it turned out and I really think it's a reversible quilt!!


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous, Lily!!! Love everything about it even the pebbles FMQ you've done in the corners too!! Well done!!

  2. You you did an amazing job my dear. I really like the pattern and just look at your fabulous quilting !

  3. Wow! this is a brilliant pattern. Love it!
    Your quilting is awesome! I totally understand quilting queen size quilt on domestic machine. It does take a long time and moving the quilt around does get tacky.

    Yours quilt looks awesome!

  4. That turned out fantastic! I really love the mirror image back, and the amount of work it must've taken to do all the wonderful machine quilting makes me shudder!

  5. Nice work! And so brave taking your quilt to the beach - I guess there weren't too many seagulls around to try and take advantage of the beautiful quilt placed before them. :P

    Also, thanks for sharing the back of the quilt - both sides look stunning! Congratulations on trying FMQ'ing, the quilting details look gorgeous.

  6. This is an absolutely gorgeous! I also love the pictures at the beach.

  7. What a great idea to do the background only in the solids.


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