27 June 2012

Medallion Quilt Hand stitched Embroidery!

Have I mentioned how excited I am to be back in one of Rachel from Stitched in Color's classes?  I think I have! : )  We have moved on to the embroidery portion of the program!  I would say I'm about half done (the undone part is on the back of the chair : )  We are embroidering satin-stitch "jewels" and running stitch half square triangles.  

Embroidery so far!
I started the embroidery part of this project on a recent business trip to Europe, and it's a good thing I had so much time on airplanes because as Rachel said this is a looooooooong project.  I'm still hoping to get this part done in time to add the next section of the quilt next week!

close up of jewel

I have to say that the satin stitch jewels have been the most difficult and taken the longest.  The running stitch triangles are taking me about 15-20 minutes each.  The satin stitch jewels take about an hour each, but the 1st one took me 2 hours!  

I decided not to add the running stitches separating the corners of the jewel like you see in gray on the orange jewel in Rachel's embroidery below.  So I just created the mitered corners with the satin stitch. I also outlined them (in back stitch) in their satin stitch color instead of an alternate color like Rachel did. 

Rachel of Stitched in Color's Embroidery

I hope you'll be as anxious as I am to see the progress each week!  : )

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

25 June 2012

Reading in style....Kindle covers!

Hi, today I'm linking up with Sew Modern Monday over at Canoe Ridge Creations where sewing bloggers show finished modern sewing items! 

I've made 4 of these covers in the last several months, so it's time to blog about them!  This is the same pattern as the iPad cover I made for myself last spring:

ipad cover - pattern by birdfulstitches on Etsy
My iPad cover
The pattern is by birdfulstitches on Etsy and you can buy it here.  You can customize it for any size reader or tablet.

So the mini version is a Kindle cover.  I've made one for myself, one for my friend Ellen, one for my Mom and one for my husband!

This first one was for my friend Ellen a while back on her birthday, who worked on a certain animated film of late : ) So I used Heather Ross far far away II with some Kate Spain for the forest.

kindle cover for Ellen
Rapunzel Kindle cover

The next one was for me!  I used Washi fabric for the main fabric, and some other odds and ends with a white shank button closure.  You can see it below on one of my works in process - a Color Wheel quilt.

Loop version
After that I made one for my mother's birthday with a matching bed caddy in Arcadia fabrics.  I'll blog about that soon.

The last one was for my husband - his is a bit more subdued, and he wanted a magnetic snap instead (demanding much?)  I finished it the night before leaving on vacation to Hawaii and gave it to him as a surprise on the plane - it scored me the window seat :)

Magnetic snap version
I think I can do the snap better next time if I add an extra strip of fabric that goes down the middle of the flap that will better reinforce it.

The twin covers together complete with their Kindles : )
These covers literally take about an hour to make - super easy and a great gift! : )

20 June 2012

Happy Anniversary my wonderful husband!

Hello from Europe!  Last Saturday was the 5th anniversary of our religious wedding in France, and coincidentally, I spent the weekend in Paris!  I'm back in the UK doing some business now. 

Our wedding actually took place in the Southwest of France.  Unfortunately my lovely husband is not with me on this trip, but I am sending out this blog as a reminder of our wonderful wedding, and to let him know I am celebrating our years together!

In the Abbey
I love this shot of us in the field outside the abbey.  Did I mention I made my gown? : ) 

In the grounds of the abbey after the mass
There's a tradition in France that everyone gets into a group shot after the wedding.  I was wondering why everyone was hanging around instead of heading to the reception! ; )

Group shot!
Happy Anniversary my love!  I'll be home soon! 

13 June 2012

Medallion Quilt - WIP for Hand-Stitched Class!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Hi, I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced this week again to show the start of my new Modern Medallion quilt!

I am SO excited to be back in one of Rachel of Stitched In Color's classes!!  We started the Medallion Quilt last week and I wanted to get the first part ready very quickly so that I could do the hand-embroidery during a two week business trip to Europe (which I am on right now!)

The class is a 9 week class with blog tutorials posted every other week so that we have time to hand stitch in between.  This quilt is worked from the center out, and there are different kinds of hand stitching involved.

dogwood blossom before freezer paper removed, and lots of starch!
We've already done the center "dogwood blossom" which is reverse appliqué.  I chose a butterscotch pearl cotton to set off the bright pink solid. 

Center dogwood blossom with blind stitch in butterscotch pearl cotton

Next there is a 1" border - I used flea market fancy.  Following that is a white border (Kona snow) that will be embroidered in half square triangles and full square embroideries!

Ready for embroidery!!

The final border (so far) is a gray and blue print (on white).  You can see a bunch of other fabrics I've pulled.  Not sure which I will end up using, but all of the solids for sure!

10 June 2012

Heather Ross Mendocino - Finished doll quilt for Hazel

Hi!  I just got this quilted and wanted to show you the finished Mendocino Doll Quilt!

I cut into my (rare) Mendocino fabrics by Heather Ross.  I just sent this along with the Castle Peeps Quilt to Zeb's sister Hazel.  I thought the older sister of my newborn cousin would like something cool in the mail too!

I used the ticker tape doll quilt pattern as a guide from Pretty in Patchwork - Doll Quilts: 24 Little Quilts

Scraps all laid out

Close up of some ticker tape pieces

Quilting close up

I just love the mermaids, jelly fish, turtles, schools of fish and seaweed, and I think Hazel will too!  : )

06 June 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday - Mendocino Doll Quilt

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Hi!  I usually show finished crafts, but I think it's cool sometimes to see a WIP!  Today, I'd like to show you a little something I'm putting together for my little cousin Hazel. I'm joining the WIP party over at Freshly Pieced!

I finally got the guts to cut into my (rare, out of print and expensive) Mendocino fabrics by Heather Ross. I threw in a few other scraps of gold and fuchsia fabrics that I had on hand.

It's my first doll quilt and I decided to do the ticker tape style.  I used the ticker tape doll quilt pattern as a guide from Pretty in Patchwork - Doll Quilts: 24 Little Quilts.

So you arrange scraps of raw-edged fabrics next to each other.  The pattern suggested laying them out in quadrants to ease arranging them. Then you glue them with a glue stick (I'm not kidding)!  It really works! 

Then you put it together with a backing and batting and quilt the heck out of it!  I plan to use straight lines in both directions like a grid to capture all the raw edges.

The doll quilt is 24" by 19" and I hope Hazel is going to love it!