12 September 2012

Hexagons and Triathlons!

My husband and I have been running marathons and half marathons for while, but just did our first triathlon!  We've always biked a bit, and I started swimming 2 years ago during a running injury and fell in love with it.  (my overachiever husband started swimming again about a month or so ago!) So we decided to try a triathlon and we both LOVED it!  It's great to mix it up with the different sports and not so hard on your body than just running alone.  Stay tuned, there will be more!!

Sporting our medals!!

I started a Hexi quilt a couple months ago.  It's nice to have a travel project I can do by hand on airplanes and hotels, as I've seen WAY too many of those this year!  I was inspired by the Hexi MF quilt along on fatquarterly.com.  (Hexi MF is a play on words with the Prince song Sexy MF, so if you were wondering what MF stands for....)  : )

I'm using the new fabric line 1/2 yard bundle from Bari J. called Lillybelle in the warm color way.  I'm using 1.5" hexis.

After I hand stitched up a big pile of hexis, I started to try different centers to see what I liked.  The pink stands out, but I thought it was a bit much! So I tried white, but couldn't find the right white!  The ground color of Lillybelle is really a very creamy off white.

This one is too beige:

Really close!

I finally had to buy some non-discript creamy fabric at Jo-anns because none of the Kona solids worked!

But I was thinking......

Should I leave one of the hexi flowers with a pink center right in the middle of the quilt just for fun???! :)


  1. Love the hexes, hate it when you can't find the right color. I like the idea of leaving one pink!

  2. Pretty hexies and it'll be interesting to have a single flower with a pink center! ;)

  3. I'd probably leave a few of them with bright pink, if you're making a quilt as big as the QAL one! Like seeing your use of Lilly Belle, besides the garden rocket print I haven't had a clue what to use them for.

    Hmm, so far this year I've only gotten a medal for the amount of days I've managed to spend sewing in pj's. It's wonderful you and your husband have activity hobbies in common!

  4. Congrats on the triathlon! I used to run marathons and halfs as well, and did a number of sprint triathlons, the last of which when I was 18 weeks pregnant with my son (and I got a PR, thank you by much!). It has been almost 10 years since then, and I just decided it is time to start training to get back at it next summer! How cute are you and your hubby together :)
    P.s. your hexes rock!

  5. wow - go you on the triathlon. and those hexies are awesome.

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  7. I am so perplexed that you guys can actually go on a triathlon. I had to actually google that name (pardon my ignorance) I would also like to know how and where you guys get the materials for the hexagons


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