02 August 2012

Hexagon Tree Tote!

Hi! As I'm working on finishing my Medallion Quilt - it's basted and I'm just starting on the hand quilting - I decided to work a bit on one of the other hand stitched projects from the Stitched in Color class!

Hexi party

This is the hexagon tree tote and I love this pattern!  You can see the hexagons I cut out above to use for the tree leaves.  I used the paper piecing method and wrapped them around hexagon card stock to create the shapes.  They mostly have a sewing theme as I decided to use this tote to carry travel sewing projects.

Hexi placement

Above is a photo taken with my i-pad (while traveling in one of the countless hotel rooms I've been in lately!) so it's a bit blurry, but this is how I remembered the original placement of the "leaves" so that I could sew them on one by one.  The tree and branches are traced on using Rachel's template, and then embroidered with a backstitch.  I used a dark brown size 8 perle cotton.

Tote back and front

Then I hand stitched the hexagons on to the tree using a running stitch.  On the left is the back of the tote.  I introduced a daisy pattern and repeated the raindrop pattern from the leaves.  In this photo the front and back are already fused to the fusible fleece that will help cushion the bag and give it shape.

Detail of running stitch

So when I get bored with hand quilting my Medallion quilt or excited to use my machine again, I will put it all together with some straps and make it into a tote!


  1. It looks great! (I saw your quilt sandwich on flickr too, it is coming along just fabulously) Now I am motivated to get back to hand stitching, so thank you! :)

  2. wow, your progress is so impressive! go you!

  3. Cute prints and it looks great!

  4. Oh, good plan! It's nice to have another project to fall back on when the long project seems to move too slow.

  5. Neato! I love the hexies as tree leaves.


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