23 August 2012

Heather Ross Prints - Print your OWN fabric with her prints!!

I am sooooo excited about this book!  How cool is it that this designer has published a book including a disk with HER art on it, ready to print at home on stationery etc., or upload to the internet to print your own Heather Ross fabric or wallpaper????

Front cover - unicorns!
Included at the beginning of the book is a section on how to use the book and art including web sites ready to print HR's designs on fabric and wall paper!

How-to section
Then there's a project section with everything from an apron, to a fabric covered tray, to wallhangings and more!

Project section

I mean really what little girl wouldn't LOVE orange unicorns on her bedroom walls, with HR's adorable art!

I want a room like this!

There's a shower curtain, and you can order this fabric right now from Spoonflower.com.  Mendocino anyone?  It's not only HTF (hard to find) on the internet, but very pricey!

Mermaids just seem perfect on a shower curtain, huh?

There of course had to be some princess and the pea art - used here on a an adorable wallhanging!

one of my favorites!

And then there's wrapping paper - which we all need to package those quilted gifts we're making all the  time!

wrapping paper - print at home!

The book ends with a section about how to start doing fabric designing on your own.....

Granted, I've collected just a bit of HR fabric (this is not all of it by any means), so it may be a while before I have to print some yardage....but the wallpaper is another story!!  : )

What do you think I should make first?? Lily :)


  1. "What little girl wouldn't LOVE orange unicorns on her bedroom walls?" What grown woman wouldn't! I have no idea what you should make first (you probably do need a fabric covered tray though, who doesnt?!?!?

    I'm looking forward to learning more about this book, especially seeing the prints that are able to be made from the disk.

  2. Wow...what a great book! Hmmm...don't know which one you should start first, they're all such lovely projects to make! Something practical perhaps, like Ali mentioned, a fabric covered tray or maybe the shower curtain.
    Where did you purchase the book, by the way? Would love to create those precious Mendocino fabrics that I've missed when it first came out. ;)

  3. Can't wait to get my hands on this! Can't order here until Sept 1, will be doing that for sure!

  4. It really is incredible that she's making so many of her designs available like this. I can't wait to take a peek at this book!

  5. Oh I just received the book this morning. Not sure what to try first. I thought about trying to print on fabric????!!

  6. Wow! How cool is that??!!?! Really makes sense, especially for fabrics that are out of print, eh? Oooh, I don't know what you should make first, but I'll be happy to read about it!

  7. Not sure what you'll make next-but that sounds like a fabulous book!


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