25 June 2012

Reading in style....Kindle covers!

Hi, today I'm linking up with Sew Modern Monday over at Canoe Ridge Creations where sewing bloggers show finished modern sewing items! 

I've made 4 of these covers in the last several months, so it's time to blog about them!  This is the same pattern as the iPad cover I made for myself last spring:

ipad cover - pattern by birdfulstitches on Etsy
My iPad cover
The pattern is by birdfulstitches on Etsy and you can buy it here.  You can customize it for any size reader or tablet.

So the mini version is a Kindle cover.  I've made one for myself, one for my friend Ellen, one for my Mom and one for my husband!

This first one was for my friend Ellen a while back on her birthday, who worked on a certain animated film of late : ) So I used Heather Ross far far away II with some Kate Spain for the forest.

kindle cover for Ellen
Rapunzel Kindle cover

The next one was for me!  I used Washi fabric for the main fabric, and some other odds and ends with a white shank button closure.  You can see it below on one of my works in process - a Color Wheel quilt.

Loop version
After that I made one for my mother's birthday with a matching bed caddy in Arcadia fabrics.  I'll blog about that soon.

The last one was for my husband - his is a bit more subdued, and he wanted a magnetic snap instead (demanding much?)  I finished it the night before leaving on vacation to Hawaii and gave it to him as a surprise on the plane - it scored me the window seat :)

Magnetic snap version
I think I can do the snap better next time if I add an extra strip of fabric that goes down the middle of the flap that will better reinforce it.

The twin covers together complete with their Kindles : )
These covers literally take about an hour to make - super easy and a great gift! : )


  1. Such a perfect companion to my Kindle Touch... Far away from the boring common covers/cases/protections, and so practical! Love it. Many, many thanks to my sweet wife!

  2. I love this idea. Maybe I'll start on some Christmas in July projects.... after I finish all of this hand stitching. (Sigh!)


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