13 June 2012

Medallion Quilt - WIP for Hand-Stitched Class!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Hi, I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced this week again to show the start of my new Modern Medallion quilt!

I am SO excited to be back in one of Rachel of Stitched In Color's classes!!  We started the Medallion Quilt last week and I wanted to get the first part ready very quickly so that I could do the hand-embroidery during a two week business trip to Europe (which I am on right now!)

The class is a 9 week class with blog tutorials posted every other week so that we have time to hand stitch in between.  This quilt is worked from the center out, and there are different kinds of hand stitching involved.

dogwood blossom before freezer paper removed, and lots of starch!
We've already done the center "dogwood blossom" which is reverse appliqué.  I chose a butterscotch pearl cotton to set off the bright pink solid. 

Center dogwood blossom with blind stitch in butterscotch pearl cotton

Next there is a 1" border - I used flea market fancy.  Following that is a white border (Kona snow) that will be embroidered in half square triangles and full square embroideries!

Ready for embroidery!!

The final border (so far) is a gray and blue print (on white).  You can see a bunch of other fabrics I've pulled.  Not sure which I will end up using, but all of the solids for sure!


  1. That´s a great project to work on a trip!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your choice of thread for the reverse applique (a technique I would love to learn) - the gold with the pink and gray are just perfect all together.

  3. Looks like you've made a big commitment! It's very pretty!

  4. This is beautiful. What a great project to have when you are away from your regular sewing space!

  5. lovely choices, you dogwood caught my eye, such rich colors. I'm wanting to see more! I'm a new follower. Cheers!

  6. Just beautiful and very ambitious! Have fun on your trip to Europe.


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