27 June 2012

Medallion Quilt Hand stitched Embroidery!

Have I mentioned how excited I am to be back in one of Rachel from Stitched in Color's classes?  I think I have! : )  We have moved on to the embroidery portion of the program!  I would say I'm about half done (the undone part is on the back of the chair : )  We are embroidering satin-stitch "jewels" and running stitch half square triangles.  

Embroidery so far!
I started the embroidery part of this project on a recent business trip to Europe, and it's a good thing I had so much time on airplanes because as Rachel said this is a looooooooong project.  I'm still hoping to get this part done in time to add the next section of the quilt next week!

close up of jewel

I have to say that the satin stitch jewels have been the most difficult and taken the longest.  The running stitch triangles are taking me about 15-20 minutes each.  The satin stitch jewels take about an hour each, but the 1st one took me 2 hours!  

I decided not to add the running stitches separating the corners of the jewel like you see in gray on the orange jewel in Rachel's embroidery below.  So I just created the mitered corners with the satin stitch. I also outlined them (in back stitch) in their satin stitch color instead of an alternate color like Rachel did. 

Rachel of Stitched in Color's Embroidery

I hope you'll be as anxious as I am to see the progress each week!  : )

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. This is so beautiful; I don't know how you fit this into your impossible schedule. I guess it's a labor of love.

  2. Your embroidery looks fabulous I had to look twice before I realised how much embroidery there was :)

  3. Yikes! That's a lot of stitches! Looks wonderful :)

  4. i just love this! it's perfect!

  5. It looks great, and I especially love how the red just glows. I feel motivated now to spend the weekend working on mine!

  6. Lily you are insanely fast! Well done your stitches are amazing!

  7. Gosh, what a beautiful quilt! Absolutely stunning!


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