20 June 2012

Happy Anniversary my wonderful husband!

Hello from Europe!  Last Saturday was the 5th anniversary of our religious wedding in France, and coincidentally, I spent the weekend in Paris!  I'm back in the UK doing some business now. 

Our wedding actually took place in the Southwest of France.  Unfortunately my lovely husband is not with me on this trip, but I am sending out this blog as a reminder of our wonderful wedding, and to let him know I am celebrating our years together!

In the Abbey
I love this shot of us in the field outside the abbey.  Did I mention I made my gown? : ) 

In the grounds of the abbey after the mass
There's a tradition in France that everyone gets into a group shot after the wedding.  I was wondering why everyone was hanging around instead of heading to the reception! ; )

Group shot!
Happy Anniversary my love!  I'll be home soon! 


  1. Aw :) Congratulations!

    Amazing dress! Can't believe you made it!

  2. Happy Anniversary! And phew, to think I'M thrilled when I successfully make a t-shirt ;) beautiful job with the dress.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Your gown is gorgeous - I can't believe you made it!

  4. Absolutely stunning.....and so is the dress! Carolyn

  5. Happy Belated Anniversary.... I can't believe it's been five years. I always recognize the 3-3-06 day. And yes, the dress is spectacular.

  6. You made your dress? Wow! It actually looks nearly identical to my wedding dress. Great taste! ;)


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