23 May 2012

Make up bag for Ellen the bride

Hi again!  I just had to post a couple of photos of a bag I made for my friend Ellen who got married in Hawaii (with us in tow) last month!  I put a few makeup items inside for her send off.  The pattern is from Anna at noodle-head, and it was easy and adorable!  I added a little bit of white hand quilting on the front.

The photos were taken near a lake where I run with some running friends every Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  The sun was just starting to come out!

One thing I learned - I wish I would have realized how much the bottom stripe (daisy fabric) would disappear under the bag.  Otherwise, I love it!  And Ellen did too. : ) 

in the sunrise....
The back - love the brassiere fabric!

Open - the raindrop fabric is on the inside too


  1. Fabulous fabrics! And what a great idea for sending someone off. I'll have to remember that!

  2. LOVE the zippered pouch! I must make one myself - and conquer that zipper!


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