29 May 2012

Summer Crochet Top - 1st finished item from a French pattern!

Hi! This is my 1st finished yarn-crafted item from a French pattern. It was a lot of fun. The stitches are all the same (single/double/triple), just called differently in French. The pattern is from a Bergère de France book. I used the tutorial from the book to make sure I was using single, double, and triple crochet in the right areas.  The increases and decreases in French were slightly more challenging! : )  I had to add the pattern (Top evasé) to Ravelry myself today - you can find it here. Ravelry even featured my photo! : )

Photos were taken by my husband on the balcony of our amazing hotel in Maui, where we vacationed and attended our friend Ellen's wedding!

1st French pattern finished!
Front view

Crochet top from French pattern
Pattern detail - triples and half-double crochet with a shell border

23 May 2012

Make up bag for Ellen the bride

Hi again!  I just had to post a couple of photos of a bag I made for my friend Ellen who got married in Hawaii (with us in tow) last month!  I put a few makeup items inside for her send off.  The pattern is from Anna at noodle-head, and it was easy and adorable!  I added a little bit of white hand quilting on the front.

The photos were taken near a lake where I run with some running friends every Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  The sun was just starting to come out!

One thing I learned - I wish I would have realized how much the bottom stripe (daisy fabric) would disappear under the bag.  Otherwise, I love it!  And Ellen did too. : ) 

in the sunrise....
The back - love the brassiere fabric!

Open - the raindrop fabric is on the inside too

22 May 2012

Bloggers' Quilt Festival Spring 2012

Amy's Creative Side

Hi everyone!  I had to jump in again (on the last day mind you) and join the Bloggers' Quilt Festival over at Amy's Creative Side.  Click on the button above to see 500+ quilts that have been entered this spring!

This year I'm showing the quilt I made for my husband for Christmas.  It's the "Boyfriend Quilt" from the book Modern Mix by Jessica Levitt.  The main fabrics were from the Outfoxed line by Lizzy House purchased at Sew Fresh on Etsy.  There's also a bit of Lush and some Kona sable and coffee. 

Modern Mix book and fabrics
Quite the selection of Orange and Brown!
OK, I went a little crazy on the fabric.  Above are the fabrics I chose (at the beginning - a few fell out), and below are the ones that made the reject list!  I didn't end up using the light pink or the salmon pearl bracelet fabric for the 'brick' area.  They just weren't masculine enough!
Loved but rejected fabrics, the purple circles from Outfoxed made it into the final quilt

More rejects!
The fabric below was my inspiration for the quilt.  My husband also LOVES orange and brown, so the Outfoxed line was perfect!!
Outfoxed print
  As you can see from the photo below, the quilt didn't end up exactly square.  I was able to make up some of the difference in the borders, but I learned not to work from one side when doing a quilt in strips.  You end up with no leeway on that side!

quilt top before borders
Detail of some of the strips

Detail of the 'brick' area
 I quilted it using straight lines (improv- I didn't mark) with orange thread.  The back is solid Kona coffee and the orange lines look super cool from the back.

Finished quilt