22 February 2012

Oh Christmas Tree mini - Curves Class project!

chosen fabrics - some Lush, denyse schmidt and other fun picks!
On to my next Curves class project!  This part of the class focused on improvisational curves.  So we worked on a mini Christmas wall hanging that is really a cute pattern.  Rachel over at Stitched in Color gave us a enormous tutorial and I made it all the way through!

Quilted top before binding
What I learned:
  1. Don't piece the objects in such a way that the background could be part of the object.  For instance - the way I pieced the tree background at the lower left looks as if it could be an extension of the tree where I used the darker piece.  Maybe I'm just being a perfectionist!
  2. Press your seams OPEN. Now if I had listened to Rachel, I would have done this, and I did it on the tree, star and hills, but not on the background.  I think it makes a difference, because you can see the separation more prominently on the seams that are pressed to the side and it looks less uniform.                             
  3. tree detail
  4. Careful with the background piecing where the cuts are going to be.  I think mine worked out OK except to the right of the tree where you can see white and tan on a diagonal.  It would have been better if those fabric colors were closer. 
  5. Careful with the quilting after you've done the embroidery.  My walking foot seems to have snagged the quilting around the star which I was able to fix, but I'll watch out for that next time!
Finished Mini Quilt!

On to Rainbow road, which is quilted but not bound yet!  More soon!  Lily.

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