04 January 2012

Let it Snow!

Happy New Year!  I have to apologize for my long blogging break, but I'm ready to go again and I have a lot to blog about!!  Many, many projects have been completed and delivered for Christmas, so no more secrets!!  Stay tuned for more blogs this week and in the coming few weeks!  

In the meantime, yes, we live in Southern California, but even when it's 85 here in the winter (which it is today - yay!), there's snow about a 1.5 hour drive away!  This was the first ever snow experience for Rudi (the blond) and Bailey.  They lapped up the snow, chased and caught snow balls, and were 'dog' tired when it was all over!!  Enjoy the photos take by my husband!  Lily.

All smiles!

My noble girls posing!

Rudi, what are you chewing on?

Pure joy!

Next year's Christmas card photo?

Can you see Bailey behind Rudi?  : )

Catching the snow ball!


  1. These photos are just too precious. But then, those dogs are so lovable and so are their parents. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love these pictures! Did you go to the Angeles Crest or Big Bear? Just beautiful. We still haven't had any snow here. Bummer! Today the high is 62 which is too weird for January.

  3. Hey Carolyn! We went to Angeles Crest. It was so fun! Hope you get snow soon!

  4. Well, Linda....I got my wish. We had snow yesterday! The freeways were a mess. It took me 1-1/2 hours to get to work. I still love the winter, though!


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