12 January 2012

Vogue Knitting Live #3 Bound!

Well, you're really going to think I'm a freak, because I'm headed to Vogue Knitting Live in New York for a quilting class!  This is my 3rd VKL - I haven't missed one!

 I'm going to see my friends from Soak!

 Visit the Lion Brand yarn studio!

And yes, I have an all day quilting class on Sunday with designer Kaffe Fassett.  I can't wait!  Here are some of the fabrics I'm taking along to make the Gridlock Quilt!  The knitting classes I liked didn't fit into my schedule because I have to work in New York on Monday and Tuesday.  But I'm excited for my FIRST quilting class!  There will be much to blog about when I get back!  Have a great weekend!  Lily.

Kate Spain terrain and central park with one Kaffe Fassett and Kona solids!

11 January 2012

12 Days of Christmas for Mom and Dad

Hi!  Here is the Christmas quilt I made for my parents this year. They loved it so much, they refuse to warm themselves with it, and are planning to hang it as a decorative quilt next year! : )

It took me a long time to decide how to do the improvisation blocks, but once I got going, the blocks went fast! 

I quilted it in squares along each piece, and bound it with the Kona cotton grass green, the same as the backing.  

The fabric is the 12 days of Christmas line by Kate Spain for Moda (plus a few other fabrics for color). I just love how it came out!!

Under the tree - yes, baby loves it under there!

I intentionally made the center squares off balance!

I like it with the green grass!

The front

You can kind of see the quilting on the back

04 January 2012

Let it Snow!

Happy New Year!  I have to apologize for my long blogging break, but I'm ready to go again and I have a lot to blog about!!  Many, many projects have been completed and delivered for Christmas, so no more secrets!!  Stay tuned for more blogs this week and in the coming few weeks!  

In the meantime, yes, we live in Southern California, but even when it's 85 here in the winter (which it is today - yay!), there's snow about a 1.5 hour drive away!  This was the first ever snow experience for Rudi (the blond) and Bailey.  They lapped up the snow, chased and caught snow balls, and were 'dog' tired when it was all over!!  Enjoy the photos take by my husband!  Lily.

All smiles!

My noble girls posing!

Rudi, what are you chewing on?

Pure joy!

Next year's Christmas card photo?

Can you see Bailey behind Rudi?  : )

Catching the snow ball!