21 September 2011


Hi there - I wanted to post some photos of our trip to Istanbul this past summer.  We went there on the way to France, and it was an amazing 3 days.  I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed the first day - it's very crowded and busy.  But by the time I left, I wanted to go back.  We stayed with a friend who showed us the city and even had a big party while we were there so we could meet his friends.  We met people from everywhere - mostly ex-pats living in and loving Turkey.  Enjoy the photos!  Lily.
Me the photojournalist : ) taken by my husband!

Some scarved ladies waiting to get into Topkapi palace-so pretty!
The blue mosque

All covered up at the blue mosque - even the men had to cover their legs!

The Grand Bazaar - 4500 shops!  We bought ceramics and looked at all the spices and Turkish food!


More beautiful ceramics


Turkish Delight - in more flavors than I knew existed!

Scarved woman buying treats

Me and the hubby and a new friend who we met in Turkey

Dolmabahce Palace

A woman I met on our boat ride who was living in Ghana - she told me all about the different types of scarves!

Another shot of Aya Sofya mosque

We visited Topkapi Palace and following are a bunch of photos of the beautifully detailed tile work, doors and windows.  Topkapi was the residence of the Sultans for 400 years.  I'm thinking that one of these patterns could be used to make a quilt!

This even looks like a quilt!

Cool drummer in a band at Topkapi

20 September 2011

College quilt - Finished and off to college!

Well, I finished the college quilt a few weeks ago.  Here are some photos.  Of course that's my very tall son holding the full length shot as only he is tall enough to do! 

On the back, I did a solid red backing, but wanted to do something special.  I started out adding scraps of strips from the blocks on the front, and then my husband had the idea of making an entire mini quilt on the back!  It was so cute and fun to make.  Then I added an embroidered patch.  Then I quilted (about 120) semi-straight lines with red thread for added color.

This quilt has a whirlygig pattern made from the combination of cool and warm colored blocks.  The design is from the book Fresh Quilting by Malka Dubrawsky - http://stitchindye.blogspot.com.  There are many photos in this post, because I'm very proud of it!

He has it at college now, and I'm glad something handmade by me is with him! 


On the bed
See the toes underneath? :)
The back
Folded by the pool

green whirlygig

The mini-quilt on the back and label

Up close shot of the label obscured :)

Close up of mini quilt on back

stitching up close

Liberty of London Fabric and Stores

This is for fabric fans!  I visited the Liberty of London store and a Liberty reseller on my recent trip and was able to pick up a few cuts of their beautiful fabrics! 

Shaukat fabrics was a short underground ride from my hotel. Etcetera147 on the Flickr group Liberty Love told me about the shop.  They had hundreds of Liberty and other fabrics. I bought one 3 meter cut for a blouse, and several 50cm (not 1/2 meter I learned!) cuts.  They explained that they have a lot of international business, and it's just easier to have the 3 meter cuts ready - the right amount for a blouse or dress!
So the selection was smaller on the yardage, but I found a theme in these cotton lawn pieces (some purchased at Shaukat, and a couple at Liberty.) I like how the ones with darker colors still mix in. One of my favorites is the 2nd one from the top with the trees!  Very cool.

Quilty goodness

Some Scraps

Hallway of 3 meter cuts
Rolls and Rolls of Loveliness!    

Liberty of London Department Store

Iron-on Patches

Liberty accessory wall
Fabric wall view through the atrium
Another fabric wall
I didnt realize that Liberty was an entire department store. I only know the fabrics! 

Can't wait to see what Liberty quilt I can create from these great fabrics!  Lily.