06 October 2011

Seattle and the 1st ever Starbucks!

Hi!  We spent last weekend in the northwest!  Our friend moved there to work for Microsoft, and we visited her last weekend.

Me being a goof as usual!

Our friend who works for Microsoft - bar with cheese shop nearby!

I got some knitting done - love the orange yarn!

And we saw a lot of great things, including Pike Place Market, the first ever Starbucks and the Wall of Gum (OMG)

Pike Place Market

Me in front of the 1st ever Starbucks

"Is that you Mom???"



Flowers at the market  

The wall of gum near Pike Place Market - WEIRD!!
Puget Sound quilt - hand painted fabric quilted

Enlarge this to see the detail - can you believe this is a quilt???

Love the gutters - photo taken by my husband

Seahawks fans waiting to exit the ferry to go to the game (they lost by 3 pts)


  1. great post, again! love the photos, the slice of life. looks like Seattle was a lot of fun! xo amy

  2. That Puget Sound quilt is amazing! When are you going to start a map quilt of France? Or maybe, the wine regions. That would be cool!

    These pictures are really awesome. Keep posting on your blog. I want to know everything that is going on. I miss you and the fox so much (and even the little cubbie).


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