20 September 2011

Liberty of London Fabric and Stores

This is for fabric fans!  I visited the Liberty of London store and a Liberty reseller on my recent trip and was able to pick up a few cuts of their beautiful fabrics! 

Shaukat fabrics was a short underground ride from my hotel. Etcetera147 on the Flickr group Liberty Love told me about the shop.  They had hundreds of Liberty and other fabrics. I bought one 3 meter cut for a blouse, and several 50cm (not 1/2 meter I learned!) cuts.  They explained that they have a lot of international business, and it's just easier to have the 3 meter cuts ready - the right amount for a blouse or dress!
So the selection was smaller on the yardage, but I found a theme in these cotton lawn pieces (some purchased at Shaukat, and a couple at Liberty.) I like how the ones with darker colors still mix in. One of my favorites is the 2nd one from the top with the trees!  Very cool.

Quilty goodness

Some Scraps

Hallway of 3 meter cuts
Rolls and Rolls of Loveliness!    

Liberty of London Department Store

Iron-on Patches

Liberty accessory wall
Fabric wall view through the atrium
Another fabric wall
I didnt realize that Liberty was an entire department store. I only know the fabrics! 

Can't wait to see what Liberty quilt I can create from these great fabrics!  Lily.


  1. Like the way you arranged the pictures of the fabrics. It is so appealing that it "almost" makes me want to start quilting. Jo

  2. If I only knew of Liberty fabrics when I was staying there for 2 years. Maybe we'll go back there someday. Lovely photos.


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