20 August 2011

I like London in the rain

Sorry I haven't blogged FOREVER. I have many projects to update, but right one I'm in London on business and came in a couple days early to have fun.

Yesterday I arrived and walked around the Mayfair and Soho areas for a few hours. The temperature was just perfect.  I had dinner in "Shepherd Market" at a French place. I couldn't resist speaking a bit of French!  It was an adorable little pedestrian street.

The bars here are so crowded. It looked like there were amazing queues at every bar, but when I got closer, I realized they were just hoards of people who couldn't fit into the bar spilling onto the street!  They put up rope barriers to keep the drinking people contained!  In the same area there was a Polish-Mexican bistro!

It started raining today around 2 PM. But I don't care because we never have rain at home and I can always just curl up in a café with a cup of coffee.

Things I love:  scones, clotted cream (about 100 g of fat per serving), Liberty of London fabrics, how formal everyone is, the many different British accents, the parks, the architecture and the longest escalators in the world coming out of the underground.

I love that people say "I beg your pardon" when they run into you on the street and aren't being sarcastic. ; )

And I actually gave someone directions on the underground today. A woman asked me which stop was Bond street and I was able to tell her it was the next stop!  I thought she sounded French, but I looked down and saw she was wearing running shoes and had acrylic nails.  No way was she French!

This is for my husband : )

I'll blog more later on the Liberty of London fabrics and store.  The sun is back out and I've got to go!


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  1. Rain easily change the weather and make it look more beautiful. I read your artice and I really liked it beacuse everything you wrote is relatable.


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