11 July 2011

Project Update - College Quilt

Hi, sorry I haven't updated in several days, I've been traveling way too much and now I'm off again this week!  Here's a quick post of the quilt for my son who is leaving for college next month.  Do you see the warm and cool color whilygigs?  It's laying on a queen bed so it's a bit narrow, but his bed in college should be more of a long twin.  He really likes it.  Now I just have to find a spot of bare floor to lay in out and sandwich it to start quilting!
See orangy whilygig at bottom left?  The whole quilt is made of cool/warm whirlygigs
See blue/purple whirlygig at the center bottom and green/blue one at top?
"Baby" was bored while I was sewing!

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