04 July 2011

Paris wrap up

Hey there - we've been home a few days, but I wanted to relate a few more Paris happenings.  We spent most of the last several days seeing family and friends in Paris. 

We saw my husband's god-son, who I knitted this chicken-egg toy for last Christmas.  If you look close, you can see how much it's been loved!  This is a mochimochi land design by Anna Hrachovec that turns inside out into an egg! 

This is a shop not far from the friend's apartment where we stayed in the 10th, and the sign is a play on words - it means Mona read (past tense).  :)  (pronounced Mona leesay)

Here are a couple of 'artsy' photos I took down alleys in Paris.  The first one was taken through a gate.  I love the red door and red flowers.

This was a tiny hotel in the 17th.  I love the flowers and the glass awning.

The French are just SO much more formal than we are:  

Example 1 - we're sitting in a restaurant in the 17th with some family, and sitting next to us are 2 guys having a nice dinner eating some very juicy looking hamburgers ----- wait for it ---- for a fork and knife!  OK, I admit, I ordered the same thing, and it was difficult to eat with my hands, but I can honestly say I've never seen a man eat a hamburger in the U.S. with utensils!  

Example 2 - next to us on the plane across the aisle was a French woman who during the flight sported socks and sweat pants.  But before the end of the 11 hour flight, I look over and she's wearing casual but nice pants, heels and LIPSTICK.  She simply couldn't be caught dead getting off the plane with sweat pants on!  

And one more story:
You can't be clumsy in Paris - I wish I had a photo of my toe bleeding all over the street.  Under no circumstances EVER step on the metal grates in Paris that surround the trees.  They're very beautiful and probably keep the weeds at bay, but they're supposed to be connected to each other with metal bands, and the one I stepped on wasn't.  Yikes.  My husband stepped on the one next to it at the exact same time and the two plates eclipsed on my toe!  There was a lot of blood and we found a pharmacy nearby.  (Yes, I was crying!), but it wasn't really a big deal.  I will not step on those again!  AVOID THE TREES!! 

I'll be blogging later today on my project progress since I've been home.  Happy Independence Day!!  



  1. I tried emailing you but it bounces. Re: templates for FW, Plz be sure to turn all scaling off when you print them. If you don't, your blocks will end up too small. The default of PDF is to scale when printing. Template #1 should measure 2.5" square (this includes seam allowance).

  2. This is like the third time I've tried to comment, I hope you don't get it three times...

    I am so jealous of your Paris travels!! lucky duck. I hope to run the Paris marathon before I quit marathon running. I loved the stories in this post... hamburgers and cutlerie... ha! Enjoy the rest of your summer! xo amy

  3. Wow! Lily your photos are really incredible, you have quite an eye. I especially love the photo of the women in Turkey that told you about all the different scarves, but they are all really good! You are so lucky to be able to travel so much and see the world, I envy your experiences and I hope to come and visit you guys in France once you move. You know how much I have always want to go there, I hope you will be my tour guide and we can have a "girl trip" to Paris!!! Love your blog, thanks for the invite. xo


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