14 May 2011

College quilt

I'm working on a quilt for my son who is going off to college in the fall.  It's a whirly gig pattern.  Here's a photo from the Dubrawsky book Fresh Quilting:

My son's quilt will have brighter colors than the one shown above.  Here's a part of the quilt top.  You can see a bit of the (red) whirlygig pattern on the left, and the (yellow/off white) whirlygig on the right. 

He's going to school close to home, but in order to cause him to grow up a bit, we're putting him in the dorm.  I had thought this quilt was going to be used at home, but now it will have a home away from home, complete with beer and pizza stains!  At least I can visit it once in a while, and it will come home for laundering occasionally too!  Lily

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