31 May 2011

Baking - Lemon Tart Extraordinaire!

Ok, if I may say so myself, the lemon tart I made for my husband this weekend was a hit!  It's his favorite, and it's a recipe from a French chef, Pierre Herme, so it's really complicated!  It probably took me 5-6 hours total, but I really enjoyed the entire process.  Friday night I made the lemon cream, Saturday the sweet tart dough, and Sunday baked the crust and put it all together, complete with the clear glaze and garnish.  It's a shame I didn't take a better photo!  -next time, there are 2 more crusts in the freezer :)

Serving the lemon tart!

15 May 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival Quilt - Max & Whiskers

Amy's Creative Side

I decided to show my first (real) quilt ever in the Bloggers Quilt Festival.  This is the 3rd quilted object I've ever made, but the 1st one was a sewing machine cover (will blog about that later) and the 2nd was a table runner.  

I'm showing this quilt because my husband (yes, my husband) fell in love with the Max & Whiskers puppy and kitty prints and so I decided to make my first quilt for him. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs and he loves them all.  This was my first (and only so far) attempt at a big quilt. 

I decided to make all the 5x5 squares that had a directional print go in one direction.  The quilting pattern goes around all the pieces of the blocks.  I think because there is really no quilting in the white areas, it's a little too wrinkly, but it's OK with me!

My favorite block - love the blue cat!
The entire quilt

I attempted to make all the squares go different directions, none facing each other, and none using the same orientation.  I thought I accomplished it, but after the quilt top was complete, I realized I missed one.  Can you find it?  (3rd from the left in the bottom 2 rows both go the same way - darn it!!!)

I learned that you can spend as much time moving around the squares before connecting them as you do putting them together!  I also learned that there's nothing like seeing the face of someone you love when they see your creation and love it!

Luckily (but not for him) my husband's plane got stuck on the tarmac the night I finished this and I was able to finish the binding before he arrived home and surprise him.  He loved it!  I hope you like it too.  Lily.

New placemat project for Belle Maman

Here's the new place mat project from precuts magazine.  It's Two Sisters Luna Notte pre-quilted fabric with some jelly roll strips for my mother in law in France.  It has 4 placemats and a holder that I made a bit differently than the pattern (by mistake, but it looks cool!).  More photos later!  Lily.

14 May 2011

College quilt

I'm working on a quilt for my son who is going off to college in the fall.  It's a whirly gig pattern.  Here's a photo from the Dubrawsky book Fresh Quilting:

My son's quilt will have brighter colors than the one shown above.  Here's a part of the quilt top.  You can see a bit of the (red) whirlygig pattern on the left, and the (yellow/off white) whirlygig on the right. 

He's going to school close to home, but in order to cause him to grow up a bit, we're putting him in the dorm.  I had thought this quilt was going to be used at home, but now it will have a home away from home, complete with beer and pizza stains!  At least I can visit it once in a while, and it will come home for laundering occasionally too!  Lily

10 May 2011

One of my first quilts

I think that something creative should be my first blog on bordeaux bound.  This is a table runner I finished a couple of months ago.  It's actually my 2nd patchwork/quilted project ever.  I made this from Elizabeth Hartman's pattern in Stitch magazine.  It was my first experiment in un-square pieces and blocks.  I didn't have much fabric laying around when I started this (not the case now!), so I just bought a bunch of 1/4 yard pieces from Joann Fabrics and started cutting! 

Enjoy my blog.  Please comment if you get a chance - I'm new at this!  :)  Lily.

Table Runner

Close up of center square

Close up #2